Superhard metal – scratching diamond


With properties that rival diamond, our superhard metals have a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, from drilling and cutting tools to abrasives and scratch-resistant coatings. It is cost-efficient superhard materials far superior to today’s commonly-used hard metals.

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  • SuperMetalix, Inc., is a commercialization partnership founded by Dr. Richard B. Kaner, his colleagues at UCLA’s KanerLaboratory, and Dr. Jack Kavanaughfor the creation of super-hard metals for industrial and commercial application. Using proprietary formulas developed at the Kaner Lab, SuperMetalix has created cost-competitive super-hard metals. These metals are being employed for polishing / super-abrasive applications in addition to composites for cutting tools.
  • Currently, most cutting tools and drill bits are made from tool steel, alloys, or cemented carbides which are significantly softer than diamond. When used to cut certain types rock or metal, these tools tend to wear out quickly. Alternatives such as cubic boron-nitride or polycrystalline diamond are costly due to the high pressure/temperatures needed for synthesis. Additionally, these tools have a limited number of times they can be serviced; in some cases, expensive machine tools can only be used once.