Superbatteries and graphene

Superbatteries, combining the best of batteries and supercapacitors, maximizing the three most important metrics of energy cells – density, power and cycle life, while also achieving great safety with low resistance.

Best quality graphene, proven over 2200 m2/g – available for sales globally.

We represent Nanotech Energy Inc., company based in Los Angeles, California, USA.  – Vili Vé Group will contribute with global distribution of graphene and superbatteries. We plan also to set up local production in Norway as our first step. Using green energy (solar, hydro and wind) to assembly the battery type needed for each type of industry. 

One of the long term company’s goal, to develop storage units for all segments together with global strategic partners.

Words from our COO:

“Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) is not Graphene Oxide (GO) It has more steps in the manufacturing process and the only difference between RGO and traditional Graphene nano platelets is the carbon/oxygen content of the product, but the product does classify as a graphene because of the surface area. Traditional Graphene is 99% Carbon and over 2000 Meters per sq in surface area and cannot at this time be mass produced. RGO is 85% to 90% carbon and our premium material is mostly over 2000 meters per sq in surface area and has a little rougher surface.

Our policy would not stop you from battery storage research, it would only stop you from using and transferring our products for this purpose. As stated we do not want to compete against our own products and customers.”

Please read more about the technology using this link:

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rGO spec 2May 2019

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Conductive inks May 2019