About us

We develop business with positive impact on the environment and society – creating more with less based on game changing new technologies.

Our ambition is to create synergies of resources available, from the Earth, from research and between people and networks.
Therefore, we have chosen Vili Vé as our name, from the two brothers of Odin who created fjords and mountains out of the resources available from Ymir.

Our focus areas are cleantech and life science, our primary market is Europe and Asia, our customers and partners are major manufacturers, distributors, B2B customers and consulting companies.

Our team, communication and style reflects diversity and openness, and our teamwork is based on dedication and trust. We want our customers and partners to experience us as competent, genuine and attentive – and proactively focusing on win-win solutions.

Advisory board April 2019

Global contact network
Vili Vé Group works to achieve several of the UN sustainable development goals.